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As physiotherapists we are perfectly equipped to manage joint and soft tissue injuries, from acute sprain to arthritic conditions.

The modern way of practicing physiotherapy, which is based on the physiology of injury, means that we have moved away from outdated techniques and anecdotes and have adopted a much more scientific approach to managing an injury, be it an acute injury or an old injury.

For example, much research has been done on tendons in recent years so our understanding of the pathology in tendons has improved dramatically. We therefore manage tendon injuries in more precise ways ensuring better recovery and less risk of recurrence of an injury.

We do post-operative treatment and rehabilitation for shoulder, knee, ankle and foot surgeries in liason with your surgeon.

As physiotherapists we take care of your physical movement as your GP takes care of your systemic health. Treating acute and chronic pain and injuries will optimise your recovery, quality of life and confidence. We can help you with ligament sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, osteoarthritic conditions and post operative rehabilitation.

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